Brooklyn Magazine The Best In Brooklyn Art This WeekendFebruary 2017

Launch F18 is in Manhattan, but Tyler Lafreniere is a Greenpoint boy (except for his unending devotion to Maspeth, Queens, where he runs Mrs. Gallery with Sara Maria Salamone).

Nathaniel Robinson "Discrete Pieces," reviewed in the New York Times by Ken Johnson12/31/15

The remarkably inventive sculptor Nathaniel Robinson makes technically impressive, philosophically provocative works that play in the gap between perception and cognition — between what you see and what you understand.

Among this exhibition’s beautifully made works is a life-size representation of a sidewalk mailbox lying on its side. Stripped of all extraneous details and colored entirely powder blue, it has an almost immaterial quality; it’s a Platonic ideal of the standard mailbox.

Arte Fuse Nathan Dilworth: New Work at Launch F18

Walking into the space, the audience is introduced to non-objective, mixed media pieces placed on the wall and the floor, set on cinderblocks and installed for the onlooker to interpret. Rather than having a concrete, structured environment in which his works are placed equidistant to one another and highly organized, his creations are placed sporadically; although, there’s still a great sense of arrangement due to the way they perfectly fit into the atmosphere. 

Artsy Brooklyn-Based Artist Nathan Dilworth on His All-Inclusive Approach to Art-Making

If Dilworth’s approach had to be summed up with a single word, “inclusive” might well fit the bill. Very little is discarded in his practice; almost everything that is cut away from one work finds its way into another.

Artnet 14 of the Best Summer Gallery Group Shows in New YorkJuly 2015

Photographer and artist Jack Pierson assembled this massive roster of 19 artists from a variety of mediums and generations, all of whom are unrepresented by commercial galleries in New York.

Artsy The Shifting, Shining, Shimmering Abstractions of Eric Freeman Have an Unexpected MuseJune 2015

Eric Freeman is known for painting illusory tricks of color and light. A textured grayscale surface may appear to be bumpy concrete up-close or a rippling nighttime ocean from a distance.

Brooklyn Rail Tomorrow Is A Long TimeMay 2015

Like so many, photographer Matt Ducklo seems to have a complicated relationship with his hometown. He was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, and around 2010, after a decade-long stint in New York, he moved back there.

Arte Fuse Tomorrow Is A Long TimeApril 2015

When I first saw Matt Ducklo’s photographs of Memphis at Launch F18 Gallery, I didn’t immediately connect them with my own experience of that city, which I visited over ten years ago. Although Ducklo is originally from Memphis, he had lived in New York for a long time before returning to his home town.

Interview Magazine Memphis After DarkApril 2015

Featuring images by photographer Matt Ducklo, "Tomorrow Is a Long Time" presents the viewer with start black-and-white images of Memphis, a city viewers have most likely seen in color through William Eggleston's eyes.

Arte Fuse The Final Gamble at Launch F18December 2014

On Friday November 14th, Arte Fuse visited Launch F18 for their final opening at its current location in Tribeca. The Gallery will be relocating to a larger space in the lower east side due to open sometime in spring 2015. 

Arte Fuse Screens and ShroudsMay 2014

Last Saturday May 3rd, Arte Fuse attended the opening for Screens and Shrouds by Erika Mahr at Launch F18. Tim Donovan and Sam Trioli run the space and together they curate fantastic shows. 

NY Arts Magazine Catching Up With F18February 2014

Launch F18 didn’t just happen of its own accord—things shook out almost as if Tim Donovan and Sam Trioli were made to work together. They came to art from opposite angles.

L Magazine Big Structures and Small StagesFebruary 2012

In their respective installations in tiny Tribeca project spaces—sixth floor walk-in closet-sized gallery Launch F18 and Art In General‘s ground-floor storefront room—Brooklyn-based Frankie Rice and Icelandic part-time New Yorker Katrin Sigurdardóttir have irreverently manipulated archetypal architectural forms.

Art Fag City Not Open All The TimeFebruary 2012

Launch F18‘s 6th floor space in Soho just opened last spring. Artist-curators Tim Donovan and Sam Trioli have focused on bringing in artists who haven’t yet shown in New York, mainly emerging artists from Eastern Europe and within the city.

Eye Towards The Dove Some Girls at Launch F18December 2011

Some Girls, curated by Noah Becker recently opened at Launch F18 a small gallery space in Tribeca, NY. The gallery is located directly between White and Franklin street on Broadway and open by appointment only. Saturday evening, guests spilled into the hallway from the tiny rectangular venue which was filled almost to capacity.

East Village Boys Not Quite HumanMarch 2011

I always find it remarkable how shows come together. I’ll admit, I’m one of those curators who allow a show to be “delivered” out of circumstance, rather than pushing it out. Not Quite Human is an example of that.