Meena Hasan & Tommy Kha

Other Echoes Inhabit The Garden

May 18 – June 22, 2019

Nape (Ambereen at home), acrylic on handmade Indian Khadi paper, dimensions approx. 43 x 53 inches (will double check later today), 2019

Meena Hasan

Nape (Ambereen at Home), 2019

Acrylic on handmade indian khadi paper

43 x 53 in

Press Release

LAUNCH F18 is delighted to present Other Echoes Inhabit The Garden, a two-person exhibition by Meena Hasan & tommy Kha.  The exhibition opens on Saturday, May 18th and will be on view through Saturday, June 22, 2019.  For further information please contact the gallery at