July 11 – August 22, 2020

Press Release

LAUNCH F18 is delighted to present Infinite_Now, a group exhibition including work by Frank Benson, Bobby Davidson, Andrej Dubravsky, Lindsey Howard, Gracelee Lawrence, Frankie Rice, Didi Rojas and Bradford Willingham. The exhibition opens on Saturday, July 11 and is on view through August 22, 2020. This exhibition will be open to the public, by appointment.

Infinite_Now is a group exhibition focusing on the work of eight individual artists.  Spanning across sculpture, photography, painting and installation, Infinite_Now is constructed out of both our physical and digital world.  Beyond being a physical exhibition, the title of the exhibition is formed out of the notion that art currently exists across multiple forms of reality, and at times within an infinite digital perspective. 

Both macroscopically and microscopically the exhibition takes a look at the idea that even within one exhibition, multiple worlds begin to form over time, existing both collectively and individually from subject to subject, artwork to artwork, and artist to artist.  In many ways the physical exhibition is purely the seed in which this overload of information and data develops out of. The existence of these works within the digital space is nearly infinite, while the longing and yearning of experiencing the world in real life can never possibly be replaced by the now.