Senem Oezdogan

Nothing to See Here

February 24 - May 5, 2022


LAUNCH F18 and Uprise Art are delighted to present Nothing to See Here, an online viewing room featuring a series of new works on paper by Brooklyn based artist, Senem Oezdogan.  This online presentation highlights eight recent works, capturing Oezdogen’s uniquely elegant hand.   


Recognized for both her large scale paintings, and more intimate works on paper, Oezdogen distinguishes herself stylistically with her remarkable sense of composition, color, and beautiful ability to disrupt the two-dimensional picture plane.


The body of work created for Nothing to See Here, forms in many ways a series of new objects, establishing not just a picture, but a new and unique space. As these works present themselves, there is in many ways an incomparable moment within them.  Rich with color, and confident bold forms, Oezdogan’s abstractions contain an engaging impression of abstract art making.  As Ad Reinhardt once wrote “a new object or image” is what an abstract work of art can create, something that is not imitated, but that can be its own object, without the need of reference to anything else, Nothing to See Here captures that very ideal and encounters a series of previously undefined moment.


Nothing to See Here marks the second presentation the artist has collaborated on with the gallery.  In April of 2021 Oezdogan along with Uprise Art, presented The Night Paintings, a solo exhibition focusing on a series of large scale works on canvas that were inspired by the alluring mystery of night.  LAUNCH F18 and Uprise Art are delighted to present this follow up presentation of Nothing to See Here, and to highlight the remarkable artistic practice of Oezdogan.


Senem Oezdogan (b. 1980) is a Brooklyn-based mixed media artist whose works meditate on the visual phenomenon of optical illusions through color and form. Smooth gradients give a sense of volume to the bold shapes depicted in Senem’s work that are subsequently flattened by her illusionistic use of spatial composition. Her color palette is equally beguiling, disrupting foreground and background and constantly forcing the viewer to reorient their sense of perspective. 


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