No Age

Noah Becker and David Goodman

October 5 – 27, 2012

Press Release

Launch F18 presents No Age, a two-person exhibition featuring Noah Becker and David Goodman.


For No Age Noah Becker and David Goodman present a levy of works, each standing uniquely as oppositions and conceptually co-dependent within the margins of time and human creation. As age naturally applies definition and form to existence, No Age rallies a particularly youthful manor amid a fringe of documentation and repurposing. To quote the band No Age from a song titled Eraser, “A Witness now in every place,” comes as an appropriate statement towards the stasis of the their work and the complexity of social definition.


Between the two artists they each have produced paintings and mixed media works that lie amid the pervasion of living. Noah Becker’s paintings juxtapose commercialism and advertising with the tradition of portrait painting, creating an untraditional circumstance of relatability to individuals whose time and place are unknown. Like any great advertisement, the incredible connection of these works pivots on the uniquely individual viewer, where one can find more of oneself within the subjects then we receive from them. These principles form an incredible accumulation of relationships and embodiments to how one finds the connective fibers with these paintings.


Goodman, on the other hand, abstractly generates his compositions, as though maneuvering amongst a plethora of visual frequencies. Using a literacy of representation, these compositions are a collection of materials, moments, sources and creative fibers that bind these almost fossil-like pieces. It is as if we are merely vibrations passing by both of these bodies of work and observing completely different states all together, ageless and ideal within each form.


Noah Becker is an artist, writer and musician living and working in New York City and Victoria, BC. Previous exhibitions include “Plank Road,” Salomon Contemporary, New York (2010); “Six Degrees of Separation,” Claire Oliver, New York (2010); “The Unseen,” Torrance Museum of Art, Torrance, CA (2011); “Some Girls,” Launch F18, New York (2011); “America Eats Youth,” Untitled Art Projects, Los Angeles (2012).


David Goodman is an artist living and working in New York City. Previous exhibitions include “Remains of the Day,” Lyons Weir Gallery, New York (2009); “Post Studio Tales,” District Foundation, Berlin (2012); “CNNCTD + 100,” New Musuem (2012). He will also be participating in the Aim Biannual at the Bronx Museum of Art in summer of 2013.