Nathan Dilworth

October 16 – November 22, 2015

Installation View
Installation View
Installation View

Press Release


LAUNCH F18 is pleased to announce a solo exhibition by Nathan Dilworth. 


"Walking into the space, the audience is introduced to mixed media pieces placed on the wall and the floor, set on bricks and installed for the onlooker to interpret. Rather than having a concrete, structured environment in which his creations are placed sporadically; although, there’s still a great sense of arrangement due to the way they perfectly fit into the atmosphere. The mixed media Dilworth chooses elicits excitement, as hues and contrasting patterns meld uniformly with one another, yet provide room for thoughts to wander.” - Ilsoon Jeon for ArteFuse


For this exhibition Dilworth has created works in a variety of mediums including UV print, oil on cotton fabric, acrylic, wood, leather, and plastic. Materials and shapes reappear throughout the exhibition, at times used in drastically different ways. Though the works are formally varied, they collectively highlight Dilworth's sensibility and his open ended approach to art making. Within Dilworth's practice, objects and ideas exist in a state of flux. In some cases, one object might transition through multiple mediums: for instance beginning as a sculpture, then transitioning into a photograph, then back to a sculpture. In other cases, what was conceived initially as the end product might be discarded, and items peripheral to it’s making, such as scraps of fabric, wood, or plastic, might take it’s place. 


This is Dilworth's third solo exhibition with LAUNCH F18 and his first at our current location, 94 Allen Street.  The exhibition opens Friday, October 16 and will be on view through November 22, 2015.