Michael Anderson

Abject Street Wallpaper

September 7 – 29, 2012

Press Release

Launch F18 is delighted to present Abject Street Wallpaper, a solo exhibition by New York based artist Michael Anderson. The exhibition will open Friday, September 7 and continue through Saturday, September 29. This will be the artist's first solo exhibition with the gallery.

For Abject Street Wallpaper, Anderson has created a den of social information. The exhibition will feature a wall-to-wall installation of found street advertisements, missing person posters, stolen motorcycles and a multitude of everyday messages we see and pass by in our daily lives.

Anderson continues his lyrical pursuit of bringing visual information and products of the street to the gallery. Like his previous work, he renews the context of his subject matter and freezes it as a social marker. He allows and almost requires the wheel of pop culture and capitalism to maintain the borders of the concept and overall majority of content. Like a biographer, Anderson is continuously presenting a retelling of street culture, not as the individual creating the events or messages, butrather as a preceptor articulating its literal function amid a controlled setting. The plethora of materials presented in Abject Street Wallpaper results in a perspective that initially was unseen.

Michael Anderson was born in 1968 in Bronx, New York and lives and works in New York City. Previous exhibitions include "The Beautiful Ones," 31 Grand, Brooklyn, NY (2004); "Collage Geomancy," Marlborough Chelsea, New York, NY (2009);"Equal Opportunity Destroyer," Poulsen Gallery, Copenhagen, DK (2010); "The Street is My Palette," Claire Oliver Gallery, New York, NY (2010); "Beyond Bling," Ringling Museum of Art, Sarasota, FL (2011).