Wendelin Wohlgemuth

Not The Light For These Eyes

September 15 - October 29, 2022

Wendelin Wohlgemuth
Rural Street II, 2022
Oil on canvas
40 x 50 in (61 x 61 cm)


LAUNCH F18 pleased to present Not The Light For These Eyes, an online viewing room featuring a series of new paintings by Washington State based artist, Wendelin Wohlgemuth.  This online presentation highlights a selection of recent works, capturing Wohlgemuth's incredible painting style and uniquely compelling subject matters.


Wendelin Wohlgemuth is a German-American oil painter currently living in Washington State. Since his graduation from Western Washington University in 2013, he has exhibited his work internationally in the US and Europe. Wohlgemuth has become associated with the ‘Disrupted Realism’ movement in contemporary figurative painting.

His work focuses on the interplay between paint’s two main functions: both as a window into another space and as a purely physical presence that confronts the viewer. His reference material comes from various archived video footage—from news broadcasts to YouTube videos to tv commercials. Through his layered, gridded, and textured approach to figurative oil painting, Wohlgemuth’s work responds to the fragmentation of our collective reality and the struggle for meaning in the Information Age.

Not The Light For These Eyes opens on September 15, 2022 and will remain on view through October 29, 2022.  For more information or a preview of this viewing room please contact us at info@launchf18.com