Tyler Lafreniere

Sympathetic Magic is a group exhibition featuring the work of Eric Ashcraft, Matthew Arnone, Grace Mattingly and Tyler Lafreniere.  The exhibition explores the creation of idiosyncratic representations that attempt to change the artist’s perception of reality. Sir James George Frazier in  “ The Golden Bough “ (1889) defined sympathetic magic as the realization of a magic act through either imitation or correspondance, the result of which relies heavily in the magician’s honest belief that the trick will succeed in front of a mesmerized audience. The four artists in this exhibition are magicians in their own right, dexterous in the practice of their own craft and holding forth their highly distinctive styles with a confidence that will convince any viewer of the importance of the painting’s message.


The exhibition opens on Saturday, May 4 and will remain on view until June 15, 2019.