Meena Hasan

Meena Hasan. Installation view of The New England Triennial 2022. deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum, Lincoln, MA 

On view now through September 11, 2022 is Meena Hasan in the 2022 New England Triannial at the deCordova Sculpture Park & Museum in Lincoln, MA.  Hasan is featured alongside 25 remarkable artists focusing on working artists living in New England and the east coast.

Since 1989, the New England Triennial (formerly known as the deCordova New England Biennial) has been a mainstay of deCordova’s programming and mission, exemplifying the museum’s commitment to contemporary art of the Northeast region. For the first time, this upcoming cycle will span two museum venues, deCordova and Fruitlands, expanding the platform for this highly-anticipated survey of art making in New England. 


Participating artists include Elizabeth Atterbury​, ​Ann Craven​, ​Jeremy Frey​, ​Merik Goma​, ​Kate Greene​, ​Meena Hasan​, ​Baxter Koziol​, ​Jodie Mack​, ​Anina Major​, ​Marla McLeod​, ​Elle Pérez​, ​Estefania Puerta​, ​Allison Maria Rodriguez​, ​Em Rooney​, ​Michelle Segre​, ​and Nafis M. White.

For more information, and to visit the museum venture to to learn more.