Meena Hasan

Good Pictures, Jeffrey Deitch, New York.

September 24 - November 7, 2020

Meena Hasan will be exhibiting in the group exhibition, Good Pictures curated by Austin Lee at Jeffrey Deitch (New York).  The exhibition opens on Saturday, September 24 and will remain on view through November 7, 2020.


Good Pictures, curated by Austin Lee, expands Baldessari’s investigation into what it takes to make a good painting, or more generally, a good picture. In Good Pictures, Lee has brought together artists with whom he has a personal history, some of which he considers part of his artist community. As Lee reveals, “They are artists who have influenced what my idea of painting is. Some through years of discussion, some from only seeing the work online.”


​Good Pictures includes work by: ​Marina Adams​, ​Michael Ambron​, ​Kevin Beasley​, ​Genesis Belanger​, ​Judy Chicago​, ​Oliver Clegg​, ​Holly Coulis​, ​Somaya Critchlow​, ​Julie Curtiss​, ​Awol Erizku​, ​Louis Fratino​, ​Dominique Fung​, ​Lenz Geerk​, ​Kati Gegenheimer​, ​Mark Thomas Gibson​, ​Sayre Gomez​, ​Adam Green​, ​Meena Hasan​, ​David Humphrey​, ​Marcus Jahmal​, ​Haley Josephs​, ​JPW3​, ​Hein Koh​, ​Emily Ludwig Shaffer​, ​Dustin Metz​, ​Marilyn Minter​, ​Mario Moore​, ​Katrina Mortorff​, ​Jayson Musson​, ​Dona Nelson​, ​Odili Donald Odita​, ​Erik Parker​, ​Lamar Peterson​, ​Rachel Rossin​, ​Rafaël Rozendaal​, ​Koichi Sato​, ​Jacolby Satterwhite, ​Sally Saul​, ​Peter Schuyff​, ​Li Shurui​, ​John Szlasa​, ​James Ulmer​, ​John Wesley​ and ​Xu Zhen