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Didi Rojas, along with her twin, Mars Rojas recently opened the unique and exciting new company, Beep Beep Boop Book NYC.  Vogue took the time to speak with Didi on her new ceramic venture, and discuss their incredible passion for wearable art, and customized buttons.


As the article states, "Over two years ago, artist Diana Rojas started sculpting trendy shoes. She created whimsical ceramic versions of Balenciaga platform crocs and Loewe elf sneakers and was kind enough to share some of her work, as well as her insights on the ugly shoe phenomenon, with Vogue. Ever since then, Rojas has continued to focus her art practice on fashionable footwear, but lately, she’s taken up a new craft that has given her a sense of comfort and calm in the raging storm of the novel coronavirus."  


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