Field Projects

Christin Graham and Sam Trioli will be featured as guest curators for the New York City based gallery, Field Projects in their Winter 2020 Open Call.  Hoarders House opens on Thursday, January 9 from 6-8 PM and remains on view through February 8, 2020.


Through the darkness a lonely light glimmers ahead, gleaming in the juxtaposition of the cold winters night.  A portal, a trap, or a hopeful transmission that glows ahead, one will only find out once they’ve set foot inside the hoarders house.


Hoarders House is an exhibition curated by Christin Graham and Sam Trioli.  On view will be works by Angela Alba, Corinne Bernard, Margot Bird, Sebastian Blanck, Cady BogartIan Clyde, Bobby Davidson, Keith Ervin, Matthew Farrell, Gregory Hedderman, Lindsey Howard, Kelly Inouye, Lindsay Iredale, Jessica Lancaster, Sarah Malekzadeh, Ana Medina, Ashley Miller, Kilee Price, Buket Savci, Emily Silver, Reba Tyson.


In a similar way to being presented like a personal collection, Hoarders House plays with the idea of presentation through a desired sense of gathering, acquiring and collecting.  Like anyone, we share the occasional calling to hold on to moments, imagery and objects to capture in some form our daily feelings and desires.  This exhibition, which includes sculpture, painting, photography and many other forms of media, works to form a collection of meaningful visual human connections.   Though these qualities take many different shapes and forms, the relation lies in the desire to hold on to them, capture and maintain in an almost endless abundance. 


Hoarders House invites viewers to step inside this carefully curated space to enjoy a constellation of our material world, meaningful connections and momentary experiences.  For within this mass array of art, and theatrical display, we find ourselves steeped inside a precarious perspective on time itself, and present day life.


Christin Graham is an artist and curator living and working in New York City. She was born in Boston, MA and grew up in Concord, NH. Graham started her curatorial career while a student at the New Hampshire Institute of Art and working for the institutions exhibitions and museum program as Gallery Manager. Throughout that time she curated exhibition such as Marginal: Women in Contemporary Art, featuring artists such as Anita Bartos. In 2016 Graham joined LAUNCH F18 as an outside curator and since then has expanded her role as an Associate Director, actively bringing in new artists to the program and producing challenging and dynamic exhibitions. In her free time Graham photographs and is always actively rooting for all Boston sports teams.

Artist, curator, and musician Sam Trioli was born in 1984 in Concord, Massachusetts and grew up in New Hampshire. Together with artist Tim Donovan, Trioli is a co-founder of the New York City-based gallery LAUNCH F18 which first opened in early 2011 and has organized 50 exhibitions to date. Throughout that time Trioli has also held other positions in the arts including the Director of Exhibitions at the New Hampshire Institute of Art in Manchester, NH and most recently the Manager and Director of Andrew Kreps Gallery in New York. As an artist, Trioli has exhibited his work at notable programs such as Marc Straus, Sharon Arts Center, Spring/Break Art Show and Howard Yezerski Gallery, among many others. In his spare time he is an avid hiker and surfer and along with Graham is always actively rooting for Boston sports teams.

Field Projects is a New York City based project space located in the heart of Chelsea's gallery district.  As an artist run space, they are committed to opening the field of exhibition opportunities to other working artists.