Didi Rojas

Didi Rojas is featured in the group exhibition Balloons Dropping From a Ceiling Fan, curated by artist, Morgan Blaire.  The exhibition opened on May 1 at Left Field Gallery in Los Angeles and remains on view through May 30, 2021.  


Rojas exhibited for the first time two new works, featuring a ceramic sculpture Don’t help me, and a two-dimensional work on canvas, Double Knots. This exhibition features work by Izzy Barber, Melissa Brown, Bjorn Copeland, Eliot Greenwald, Rachel Jackson, Dina Kelberman, Sam Keller, Chris Oh, Colin Oulighan, Diana “Didi” Rojas, Edward Salas, Miles Shelton, Adam Parker Smith, Jess Underwood and Cameron Welch.  For more information visit www.leftfieldgallery.com