Art Fair

​Nathan Dilworth
Untitled, 2019
Oil on linen

30 x 20 in

LAUNCH F18 is delighted to ​participate ​in the inaugural edition of Future Fair and their online presentation exclusively featured on Artsy.  The gallery is thrilled to feature a solo presentation of new work by, Nathan Dilworth.  Future Fair Online opens Wednesday, May 6th and remain on view through Saturday, June 6, 2020. 


In a culmination of 4 years of work, Nathan Dilworth has focused his practice during this time on a remarkable new series of paintings.  The works in this presentation vary in scale, color, texture and gestural marks, and merge a variety of approaches both spontaneously and deeply methodical.  Together, these practices form stunning moments of captured energy, juxtaposed by deep and immersive color filled spaces. Though these works can easily exist within the evolution of abstract painting, for Dilworth much of the direction of these pieces converse with an ongoing dialogue he’s had with sculpture as well photography, and considering the physical experience that these works create.


Future Fair Online is an exhibition and program, developed as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic causing the postponement of the inaugural New York show. The initiative aims to provide amplified visibility for the galleries and artists with a special focus on the personal narratives of those in our community.  To lear more about the fair please visit or visit the online presentation on


To learn more or inquire about the work of Nathan Dilworth please contact: