Art Fair

​Nathan Dilworth
Untitled, 2020
72 x 60 in
Oil on linen

​LAUNCH F18 is pleased to ​participate ​in the inaugural edition of Future Fair, ​taking place in New York from May 7-9 at Canoe Studios in Chelsea. In Booth ​P6, ​LAUNCH ​​F18 will present ​new ​works by gallery artist, Nathan Dilworth.  The gallery is thrilled to be exhibiting along side 41 other international programs. 


Consisting of a culmination of 4 years of work, Dilworth has focused his practice during this time on a remarkable new series of paintings.  The works in this presentation vary in scale, color, texture and gestural marks, and merge a variety of approaches both spontaneously and deeply methodical.  Together, these practices form stunning moments of captured energy, juxtaposed by deep and immersive color filled spaces. Though these works can easily exist within the evolution of abstract painting, for Dilworth much of the direction of these pieces converse with an ongoing dialogue he’s had with sculpture and photography, and considering the physical experience that these works create.


Future Fair 2020 will present a series of exhibition rooms unfurling across half of the 31,000 square foot Canoe Studios (601 W 26th Street). Located on the cusp of Chelsea and the new Hudson Yards district, the industrial lofts boast generous lengths of undulating windows facing the city’s 360° skyline views, as well as an additional 1,000 square feet of rooftop terrace overlooking downtown Manhattan.