Andrej Dubravsky

Andrej Dubravsky at his studio, 2020

Opening on Tuesday, June 15 at Gallerie Richter (Rome) is Runner's High, a solo exhibition of new work by Andrej Dubravsky.  The exhibition will be on view through September 17, 2021 and marks the second solo exhibition of the artist with the gallery.


Inspired by the scientific term, Runner's High, the artist presents new large-scale paintings depicting young men running in groups. Consistent throughout his work, Dubravsky deals with themes that are dear to him and very current such as climate change, intensive agriculture, global industry, politics. Dubravsky's painting, apparently playful and formally conventional, explores much darker themes including intergenerational relationships, elements of submission, complicity, porn; and delicate ones, such as homosexuality and self-gratification.


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