Andrej Dubravsky

In January Andrej Dubravsky launched a new zine project called ANDREJ.  This personal, honest, playful and beautifully artistic catalogue captures an almost autobiographical look into the artist’s life through images, text and everyday encounters. ANDREJ is now in its third edition, releasing a new 128 page catalogue once a month to subscribers.


Andrej Dubravsky was born in 1987 in Nove Zamky and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, Slovakia in 2013.  Andrej lives and works in Bratislava, SK and splits his time between Slovakia and New York, NY.


To find out more about ANDREJ visit Andrej’s Instagram handle, @andrej_dubravsky to stay up to date on new issues, or to get your own copy yourself email: to sign up and subscribe.