Andrej Dubravsky
Andrej Dubravsky is participating in the group exhibition NOSZTRÓMO at the New York City based gallery ASHES/ASHES.  The exhibition opened on Friday, September 17th and remains on view though October 27, 2019.  Andrej is exhibiting along side Vladimír Houdek, Anna Hulačová, Zsófia Keresztes, Botond Keresztezi, Martin Lukáč, Cezary Poniatowski, and Rafał Zajko.
“We’re all sort of fellow travelers here, in a mighty small boat on a mighty big ocean. And the more we quarrel, criticize, and misunderstand each other, the bigger the ocean gets and the smaller the boat.” — Lifeboat, 1944 (excerpt from the press release)
ASHES/ASHES is located at 56 Eldrige Street, New York, NY