Andrej Dubravsky

Larva Run 2 by Andrej Dúbravský presents his three latest series of paintings, which he has been working on since last year, both in New York and Rastislavice. This exhibition also presents his collaboration with fashion designer Michaela Bednárová and ceramic designer Simona Janišová. For the second time he is also cooperating with the dancer and performerLukáš Zahy. Video performances in Andrej’s house in Rastislavice will be part of this exhibition. Over a long period, Dúbravský has been examining and above all living a queer identity in a rural environment, which he and Zahy attempt to explore through dance, symbolically performed in reversed interiors of Andrej’s house, such as a coop or an attic.


The exhibition opens on June 5, 2019 and will remain on view through July 12, 2019.