Andrej Dubravsky

Birds and Wind, a solo exhibition featuring new work by painter Andrej Dúbravský opens September 15th at Dittrich & Schlechtrim in Berlin, Germany. Over the past three years, working from his relocated home/studio in the Slovakian countryside, Dúbravský has drawn inspirations from a newfound rural perspective. The artist’s interest in the local phenomenon is furthered by his own flourishing garden in Rastislavice. The small cultivated plot of land—its fruits, vegetables, flowers, and wildlife all well documented on Instagram, positioned alongside provocative selfies—acts now as a metaphor for a more global concept. Currently living with and caring for several roosters and hens, Dúbravský observes their behavior and interactions. Birds and Wind features a series large-scale paintings and portraits depicting variations of cock fights, igniting a complex discussion of the male ego. Historically symbols of fertility and strength, Dúbravský studies the roosters’ anatomy and activity, conceptually relating their pre-programmed animal instincts to the male ego and testosterone-fueled, often destructive, exhibits of power and politics.