Andrej Dubravsky

On view at the Botanical Garden Košice in Slovakia is a new exhibition and installation of paintings by Andrej Dubravsky.  Scattered throughout the gardens and greenhouses are a series of stunning new works by Dubravsky, playfully interacting with his longtime love and passion of nature and gardens.  Soil and Insect is on view now through August 31, 2021.


Botanical Garden Košice in Slovakia features fascinating university gardens where over 4,000 species of plant are cultivated, including 1,200 cactuses and their cultivars, which is the largest collection of its kind in either the Czech or Slovak republics. You can soak up the tropical heat of the greenhouses and get a feel of what it is like in a rain forest, and enjoy the expansive outdoor gardens. When visiting the botanical gardens you should definitely try to see one of the thematic exhibitions such as the magical exhibition of orchids, tropical butterflies, cactuses, carnivorous plants or the ever popular presentation of Bonsai.