Curated by Tim Donovan

October 8 – 30, 2011

Frankie Rice

Untitled #2


Plastic pill bottles

11 x 7 x 1.5 inches

Andrej Dubravsky



Acrylic on canvas

24 x 16 inches

Press Release

Wrestle, whether voluntary on involuntary, physical or mental, positive or negative is an action. We may wrestle with the result of a past dilemma, a projected decision, or current situation but the fret (or comfort) of this quandary takes place in the moment, often finding that it's not so much the finite content we wrestle with; it's the strategy in how we'll respond to it. This exhibition focuses on the broad aspects of circumstance. Brain Kenny's sets the pace with the physical and psychological strategy necessary in the actual sport, projecting formality and beauty, but also shows us the more disturbing aspects via the context of being or becoming a target. Andrej Dubravsky examines youth and fantastical identity in the arena of alter egoism where young gay men break free from restriction. Frankie Rice demonstrates his ability to transform the containment of a medical solution of a social pandemic into a visual metaphor of hope and endurance, while Elizabeth Smolarz utilizes video to relay the stages of death in a banal setting of a laundromat. Her delivery is both stunning and mundane. These combined works may not leave us with the artist's solutions to the theme yet more effectively, demonstrates how they contemplate it.