Rabbit Hole

Curated by Tim Donovan

December 7 – 26, 2015

Dustin Yellin
Jack of Christ, 2014
Resin and paper
24 x 24 x 12 inches

Press Release

The Rabbit Hole is an exhibition which will focus on works that challenge and comment on perception through video, mixed media, GIFS and painting. Borrowing Lewis’s metaphor from Alice in Wonderland, these works will take the viewer into lands that are unfamiliar yet familiar. Ms. Peterson’s video installation tampers with our ability in utilizing tools (in this case round discs on the floor to step on) to make a choice to explore. When stepping on a specific disc, a specific video plays but the viewer has to determine what emotion it is evoking. Ann Hamilton’s short video is simple yet curious in its commentary on parts of the body filled beyond its capacity to absorb a flow of water, while Elizabeth Smolarz’s video seems more familiar when you watch a hospice care worker talk about her experience with death while folding clothes at a laundry mat. What seems banal becomes one of the most powerful videos touching on our human charlatanistic of thinking we know how to handle things yet involuntarily realizing we don’t.

Presented in conjunction with Launch F18.


Tim Donovan grew up in New Hampshire and graduated from the New Hampshire Institute of Art with a BFA in Interdisciplinary Practices in 2010.  In 2011 Tim and his business partner Sam Trioli (Alumni, 2007) opened Launch F18, a project space located in the Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan.  In 2015 the two relocated the program to 94 Allen Street on the Lower East Side.  Over the course the of past 4 years Sam and Tim have organized over 50 exhibitions and have worked with emerging, mid career and established artists.


Along with being a curator Tim is a practicing artist and writer and is represented by Gallery Kayafas in Boston, MA.  In 2014 Tim and Sam were the subject of an article in NY Arts Magazine.