Launch F18 presents Petty Theft, a group exhibition curated by Tim Donovan. The exhibition includes work from Bartosz Beda, Dario Carratta, Joel Holmberg, Walker T Roman, Boris Torres and Sam Trioli.


A curator may utilizes the clear, intended and abounding strengths of a work but also may (to some degree) repurpose them out of their original context to fit the view of the overall exhibition… which in itself could be a degree of petty theft.

Petty Theft is an exhibition of visual and auditory works I’ve discovered based on a simple exploration and consideration on what the action of petty theft can mean, evolve into and how, as a moral guideline, systematically have the potential to become the laurels we often consciously or unconsciously rest on. While considering this proposition I’ve selected works that are individual narratives based on abstract and concrete marginalization, expectation, basic thievery, atrocity and demoralization by limiting faith, judgment and dare I say, common sense in order to justify. We are often left alone in making these decisions that “aren’t so bad” other times, it is executed by pack mentality. Although a great example, there are no portraits of Bernard Madoff. That would be too clear and posit nothing. The degrees in which the works exhibited relate are varying, subjective and possibly surprising. And, as vast and varying as the content may be, these works are also just great examples of what painting, sculpture, and installation can emote both individually and in a combined effort.