Not Quite Human

Curated by Tim Donovan

March 19 – 31, 2011

Ivonne Dippmann



Ink on paper

8 x 10 inches

Press Release

Launch F18’s inaugural show highlights artists from New York, Berlin and Bratislava. Each artist’s work has its own personal narrative, yet has been obtained for its ability to be incorporated into a larger dialogue titled: Not Quite Human.

Throughout history we have questioned our condition by appealing to the studies of Philosophy, Psychology, Science and the Arts. It was through these various disciplines that we evaluated and made attempts to conquer and correct forces that seemed to be against the human norm.

Here the notion “Human” has been de-contextualized into an exhibit of contemporary works, which invite us to examine the different way each artist represents the progression or retrogression of humanity through biological malevolence, associations, psycho-social/sexual manipulation, characterizations, and even extraterrestrial suggestions. These works allow us to challenge the question, “What is Not Quite Human?” in order to rein in, if we choose, a clearer or broader awareness of what the notion of human can stand for in all its protean forms.