Nathaniel Robinson

The Sensible Range

May 5 – June 12, 2015

The Sensible Range (Installation View, Launch F18 - Project Space, New York, NY), 2015

Dyed cotton fabric, acrylic paint, pigmented polyurethane resin, wood and found bottle cap

Dimensions variable

Nathaniel Robinson 



Dyed cotton fabric, acrylic paint

5 x 18.5 x 10.5 inches

About The Work

The Sensible Range is an installation by Nathaniel Robinson, originally on view in 2013 at Devening Projects + Editions in Chicago.  Elements of this exhibition have been installed in the Launch F18 Project Space, viewable from 95 Orchard Street.  This is Robinson's first time exhibiting with Launch F18, and the gallery will present a solo exhibition of Robinson's work in November of 2015.    


The following is an excerpt from Devening Projects + Editions' press release: 

"Taking familiar objects and states of affairs as its starting point, this work addresses itself to the general and particular problems of locating the self in relation to the world.  Viewed as a whole it begins to integrate a range not only of scale and structure, but also of significance and status. In their disparate ways of being made - the various routes they take to representation - the works seem to place very different demands on the viewer and the maker; but on inspection and consideration they may offer, if not shared understanding, the possibility of common access."


Nathaniel Robinson was born in 1980 in Rhode Island and currently lives and works in Brewster, NY.  He received his BA from Amherst College in 2002 and his MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2005.  He has shown with Feature, Inc., NY, Devening Projects + Editions and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago.  Robinson has also been included in group exhibitions at On Stellar Rays, 33 Orchard and White Columns in New York, and in Brussels, Leipzig, Dusseldorf and Melbourne.  Robinson joined Launch F18 in February of 2015.