Death Dive

Curated by Christin Graham and Sam Trioli

December 1 – 2, 2018

Dylan Hausthor  
Dead Men, Look At Me, 2018  
Archival inkjet print  
30 x 40 inches

Press Release

LAUNCH F18 is delighted to present DEATH DIVE, a group exhibition opening with a limited time engagement from December 1 – December 2, 2018 at the gallery’s 373 Broadway location in New York.  The exhibition premiers on Saturday, December 1st from 6-9 PM.


DEATH DIVE attempts to peel away the concepts of pleasurable experiences, masked as thrills driving one towards destruction and ultimately death.  For this exhibition curators Christin Graham and Sam Trioli symbolically sculpt the exhibition as the experiences of an unnamed individual, utilizing their curatorial choices as the unsupervised destructive force.  With a careful selection of artists that strive to mimic the Ying and Yang duality of life and death instincts, DEATH DIVE indicates the impending fragility of our physical form.  Within this multidimensional creation they address attractive tendencies such as “live fast and die young” and the cultural glorification of the 27 Club.  As these concepts are explored through out the exhibition, DEATH DIVE sets the stage for a performative human interaction within a unique exhibition experience.